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I purchased one of these units for my 90 year old mother in law who was reluctant to spend thousands on hearing aids. She put it in, turned it on and I no longer have to repeat everything three times. With the 30 day money back guarantee I would recommend trying one of these before shelling out for hearing aids.

Quote – Brice W.

I just received my Companion today. As soon as it was charged, I tried it out. I could hear things I haven't been able to hear in years! This was without the iPhone app. When I customized it, it was so amazing I was in tears. I also tested it in my worst ear, and could hear. I WILL be buying another. I'm 53 and I've had problems with my ears since childhood, and it has progressively gotten worse. Thank you for this device!

Quote – Margie E.

Wow, what a difference! I was truly amazed by how much better everything sounded after I used the CS Customizer app. You guys are geniuses.

Quote – Nicki M.

Radio Testimonial Dennis – Dennis S.

Radio Testimonial Dennis – Nancy G.

Radio Testimonial Dennis – Larry F.

"I just put in my new CS10, walked outside, and I heard a thousand birds singing. It was an emotional moment for me. I won't lie, I cried a little bit. I know that hearing birds chirp might seem like a dumb everyday thing to most people, but I haven't heard them in 20 years. You people are Saints, for creating an affordable option for normal people. I could have easily gone the rest of my life without ever hearing the birds again. Thank you so much."

PSA Testimonial 1 – Duane K.

"The best $299 I ever spent. The CS10 is a wonder (a mystery) of engineering. I have no idea how it is able to somehow set priorities on all the sound around me, but it does. It transmits what I want to hear and does a good job backgrounding most of the other sounds. Somehow it separates the wheat from the chaff—algorithms, magic, who knows? Thank you Sound World Solutions for the CS10, I'm back in the world again"

PSA Testimonial 2 – Richard K.

"It is the most comfortable Bluetooth I've ever owned and the sound enhancer is a life saver. I have very expensive hearing aids but never wore them because of the hassle. Problem solved. Thank you Sound World Solutions !!!"

PSA Testimonial 3– Claude B.

"My sister is a speech therapist. Bought a pair of CS10s to try out on me. My husband got hearing aids ($4,000) last year and I was jealous, but my hearing tests did not qualify me to spend that much money. Still, I couldn't hear the birds in my garden. I put them in and have not taken them out while I am awake. My world has expanded. I hadn't realized how closed in I really felt. The background noise is something I want to hear! It is not bothersome. My sister says that's because my brain can still filter the background noise, while my husband's brain went too long without practice. Thank you for giving me back the real world. I feel depression lifting every day!"

PSA Testimonial 4– Nancy G.

"When the conversations with my father turned into shouting matches, we finally decided it was time to look into something that would enhance his ability to hear. A friend mentioned the CS10 Personal Sound Amplifier, so we thought we would check it out. It looks like a Bluetooth headset and he can even connect his phone to the earpiece. His ability to hear has improved immensely and we no longer have to keep the radio and TV on at their highest sound levels for him to hear. He loves it and never goes anywhere without it. I loved the price tag."

PSA Testimonial 6– Lisa O.

"It is so comfortable I wear it everywhere except in the shower, or while sleeping."

PSA Testimonial 7– Tom W.

"I didn't realize how much the product was really helping me until one day at work when the battery died before I could install my backup. It was like the customer I was talking with took a giant step 20 feet backwards."

PSA Testimonial 8– David J.

"The only problem is breaking my habit of saying 'what' when people are talking to me. I used to have to any time I was in a crowded restaurant or other noisy environment. But now I can hear them just fine."

PSA Testimonial 9– Tom K.

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