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What's the difference between the Companion Hearing Aid and the CS50+ Personal Sound Amplifier?
The following table shows how they compare.
Classification Personal Sound Amplifiers
Consumer Products
Hearing Aid
Medical Device
  CS50 Side View Companion Side View
Warranty 90-day 1-year
Style Headset Behind-the-Ear
Color Options Black Black Pearl Metallic
White Gold Metallic
16-Channel Compressor
Noise Reduction and Feedback Suppression
Directional Microphones for Noisy Environment
Rechargeable Batteries
2x Detachable
Built in
Battery Life
(Amplification Mode)
Up to 15 hours Up to 15 hours
Bluetooth Streaming (phone calls and music) Very Good Good
Smartphone programmable
Environment Modes 3 3
Voice Prompts
Controls Volume button
Environment mode button
Volume up & down buttons
Environment mode button
On/Off switch