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Our focus is on helping people rediscover the power of connection, recognizing that sound and clarity are an integral part of human interaction. We design, manufacture and sell premium performance consumer products that offer tremendous value. In addition, we collaborate with a variety of organizations providing hearing health studies, services, and on-the-ground solutions throughout the world.

At Sound World Solutions, we are all driven by a common goal and a shared set of values. We think those are hard to share and tend to lack depth and resonance when presented in a few printed words. So we asked filmmaker Nic Askew to help us capture the 'story of us' in a way that is perhaps more relatable.

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Our company was founded by two men with diverse yet very complementary backgrounds. Our president, Stavros Basseas, has over 30 years of engineering and senior leadership experience in the hearing aid industry. His co-founder, David Green is a MacArthur Fellow with an extensive background in social entrepreneurship ventures, particularly those involving global health issues. Both are committed to bringing affordable and accessible sound solutions to the world. The company's management team is made up of seasoned leaders from the consumer electronics, health care, and pro audio industries. Proprietary algorithm development is supported by a team at the University of Patras, Greece.

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